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The Sempill Arms: Heraldic Puzzles - written with Maria Dering and published by the College of Arms Foundation.

About this Web-Site

This site hosts my articles on heraldry, books and physics. Most of them are quite general, although there will be some specialist articles in the physics pages. All the articles are posted simply in the hope that they might be useful or interesting.

My physics academic research papers are listed on and Google Scholar. They are also available via and ORCID.

Some articles may currently have uncertain publication and copyright issues. They are therefore password-restricted until the issues are resolved.

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About me

It appears to be customary on a personal web-site to add a pocket biography. So here is mine — scrubbed clean and wholly redacted:

For many years, I wandered about living and working in different parts of the World. Tiring of that life, or maybe finally growing up, I returned home to study for a PhD. Someone once told me that I seemed to behave as a perpetual student. I think it was meant as a mild criticism, but I have long treasured that remark. Being a student is something Joseph de Maistre😃 should have considered. After my PhD, I joined the band of academic hangers-on, seeking publications, grants and positions. Luckily I escaped to enjoy the World through the eyes of that perpetual student. I now live far away with my cat and count myself fortunate indeed.

😃 Joseph de Maistre claimed that only by being a Soldier or a Monk could one avoid the horror of the bourgeois. He appears not to have followed his own advice. He is quoted in Perpetual Euphoria by Pascal Bruckner, Princeton University Press (2000), a book which I consider to be a very good read.

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